Week 1

The first day of build season 2018 was what was called Kickoff day. We began with reviewing the videos that FIRST released on their youtube then as a club, we read their rule book for their theme of the year “POWER UP”. We prepped later that week by separating our engineering team into 2 main groups, having about 4-6 people in each group. The Rolly-Grabber group would be in charge of building the arms of the robot that would roll in the play-cube, and the other group was the Elevator group would be in charge of making a system that would bring the playing cube up and down. We also had smaller groups such as Drivetrain who were tasked with assembling the robot’s chassis. And that is how we got to working on our prototype.

Week 2

Week 3

The third week definitely carried its fair share of stress as we had new business members join the team, therefore they needed help settling in. It was also the week where we decided on the plans for our final version of the robot as it was much needed because we only have 3 weeks left of build season.

Week 4

The fourth week we decided that we definitely had to rush our building so we changed our schedule from 3-6pm to 3-8pm on weekdays and weekends would be 9am-6pm. This allows the team to spend more time to build, focus, and make sure that its ready by bagging day February __

Week 5

Week 6

The sixth week might have had the most stress as the bag day was the last day of this week.

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