FIRST Robotics Competition

FRC Regionals are the competitions that allows the teams to qualify for Championships. This year we plan to go to the San Francisco Regionals held at St. Ignatius College Preparatory school from March 14th-17th and the Sacramento Regionals held at ______________ from March 20th-23rd.

FRC  2017 – 2018

This video explains the challenge given to the teams in the 2017 – 2018 FRC season. Week five of build season-
Week four of build season-
Week three of build season –
Week two of build season – That week’s attention was all on prototyping. The two critical elements of our robot was the elevator and rolleygrabber. Many attempts were made to perfect the prototype. Elevator: Rolleygrabber:
Week one of build season –

Day One: our team met up at school after kickoff to learn the game rules and created a SWOT analysis for game points on the whiteboard. Then, we broke into small groups of three to discuss which was the best strategy for our team to play for FIRST® POWER UPSM. When we returned to the whiteboard, each group presented their strategies before making the final decision—the robot would focus on scale and switch, but not climb. As soon as we were happy with what we saw, the team quickly dove into the designing process. Then halfway through week one, our team began to develop prototype elements for our robot.

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